Walking the Tight Rope: An African LGBTI Anthology: call for submissions

Walking the Tight Rope: An African LGBT Anthology seeks poets, writers and photographers within Africa and the Diaspora to share their stories. DEADLINE: April 15, 2014
See http://www.spectraspeaks.com/2014/02/call-submissions-walking-tight-rope-african-lgbti-anthology/ for more details.

Eligibility criteria (from http://lgbtafricapoetryanthology.wordpress.com/):
Submissions must be original works by Queer Africans.

African, in this sense, is understood to mean a person who was born in Africa, who is a national or resident of an African country, or whose parents are African (the offspring of at least one first generation immigrant).

Queer individuals are conceptualized as people who express and/ or identify with non-heteronormative sexual and/ or gender identities. Thus contributions are being sought from African lesbian, homosexual, asexual, pansexual and bisexual individuals who identify as cisgendered, transgendered or gender-queer.