Gender multiplicity in animals

I learned some cool stuff today about gender variation in animals. Basically in summary, nature is diverse, and gender is far more than a binary. Personally, my opinion is non-binary genders are totally normal and natural it’s just my culture which has decided otherwise.

Some species can't be described in terms of boys and girls Picture from here – available as a poster.

The Side-blotched lizard* has 3 types of males.
Male and female bluehead wrasses, a coral reef fish, look similar when young, but develop later into three genders, one of which starts and stays male, one which begins and stays female and a third which starts as female and morphs into a male.
Damselfish have a gender that turns from male to female. Another fish species, hamlets, are hermaphrodites and change back and forth between genders.
And finally, one you probably knew already, male seahorses get pregnant.

Further reading

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Nb some links are very mildly NSFW.

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