Gender neutral language

Gender neutral pronouns:

they / their  “They forgot their ice cream” 

ze (also spelt zie or sie) / hir  “Ze ate hir chocolate cake”

yo      – interesting article about this one here  “Yo went to the store, we’re waiting for yo to get back”

There is a much longer list of gender neutral pronouns about halfway down this page




Family relationships

nibling – gender neutral version of niece/nephew

sibling/kid/parent (you should know these ones!)


enbyfriend – gender neutral version of girlfriend / boyfriend




A gender neutral language wiki over at

A crash course in gender neutral pronouns

Mx it up  – a grassroots campaign for gender neutral titles in the UK

Pronouns (also futurama)

Want a post that combines serious discussion of gender neutral pronouns, the first paragraphs of Alice in Wonderland rewritten with a range of different pronouns, and a hilarious clip of Futurama’s pronouns for Yivo, a planet-sized alien of indeterminate gender? Try here. The internet is a wonderful wonderful place sometimes 😀