What do we look like? The possibilities are endless.

Loads of portraits of people over at genderfork.



Queer Glitter Resin Necklaces by RowdyBaubles on Etsy.com

is a community project that aims to collaboratively solve wardrobe problems and inspire great fashion for anyone who doesn’t cleanly fit the roles, expectations, or body types of their assigned gender. We’re a submission-based blog that shares creative solutions, uncovers new options, and encourages personal exploration.

Open barbers

Open Barbers  is a hairdressing service for all genders and sexualities led by Greygory and Felix. They offer a personalised and warm haircutting experience with a queer and trans friendly attitude. They seek to promote the diversity of identities in society and celebrate people’s appearance in the way they wish to be seen.

Mostly based in London, though they do things around the UK. They’ve got some great photos on their tumblr.